Annual Inspection and Code Certifications

Inspections are normally included in your maintenance contract with your elevator service provider and are usually conducted by your service mechanic. These inspections must be witnessed by an independent third-party licensed inspector. That’s where BCI comes in. We offer a turn-key approach to help minimize the burden of annual inspections.

Not only do our licensed elevator inspectors provide impartial, unaffiliated witnessing services, BCI also will:
  • Contact you each year prior to your annual inspection deadline and provide you with a proposal for services
  • Track when your five-year, full-load inspections (Category 5) are due, if any, and notify you
  • Coordinate scheduling the inspection with you and your service provider
  • Witness the inspection
  • Complete the required paperwork
  • Submit required paperwork to you and/or the city/state
Barbre Consulting Elevator Consultants

BCI’s Preventive Maintenance Program

Because annual inspections usually reveal lapses in maintenance, BCI developed the Preventive Maintenance Program. This program includes a maintenance audit with inspection witnessing services, ensuring your equipment is being properly maintained by the service provider, and saving you valuable time and money. Because we are already on property for the inspection, we offer the maintenance audit at a greatly reduced rate when done annually. Most of our clients choose the Preventive Maintenance Program because of the value it offers.

Let BCI help ease the burden of annual inspections while helping you keep your vertical transportation code-compliant and in good working order.


When you need the best in the business, you can rely on Barbre Consulting, Inc. Our reputation speaks for itself, and we are proud of our body of work. Throughout Houston and around the country, BCI has the elevator consulting team you can trust.
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