Elevator Maintenance Audit

Proper elevator upkeep is crucial for safety and efficiency. But how do you know that the right maintenance is happening? That’s exactly where our elevator maintenance audit comes in.

People often use the words “audit” and “inspection” synonymously. They are different things, however. Inspections are tests that are required by federal, state and local jurisdictions to ensure an elevator or escalator adheres to established building and safety codes. A “maintenance audit” is performed by an expert who looks at your equipment from top to bottom, ensuring it is being maintained according to your contract with the service provider and that it operates efficiently, without excessive wear and tear.

A vertical transportation audit from Barbre Consulting, Inc. will give you the information you need to ensure you are getting what you pay for and that your equipment is functioning at the highest level possible.

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An Elevator Maintenance Audit Brings Peace of Mind

We specialize in elevator maintenance auditing and understand the importance of having a functional and safe elevator. You probably rely on an outside contractor to take care of your elevators and escalators. And you trust that they are doing everything correctly.

But it’s always a good idea to have an extra set of eyes to check things out now and then. And Barbre Consulting, Inc. has years of experience in auditing elevator maintenance records.

If you feel that your maintenance contractor might not be doing all the necessary work, reach out to BCI. Or if you just want someone else to take a look at the records, we can help.

After doing an overall survey of your equipment, we take a look at your service contract. We examine everything to see if your system’s condition lines up with the stated maintenance in the records.

We check for gaps in the records or maintenance that didn’t happen according to plan. When you are paying good money to a company for their service, you deserve to know the work happened as scheduled. This knowledge is precisely what an elevator maintenance audit provides you.

We determine the current condition of the equipment and identify areas in need of attention. If necessary, we provide additional options concerning modernization, new maintenance contracts, or repairs.

BCI Audits Protect Your Investment

If you own or manage a building with elevators and escalators, you know how critical it is for them to be in good working order. To protect your visitors, property, and bottom line, these systems must work well.

They must look good and work flawlessly. The only way to achieve that is to have proper upkeep. Barbre Consulting, Inc. understands your commitment to safety for your building’s visitors and tenants.
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Elevator Maintenance Audit

Reduce Hazards and Inefficiencies

When elevators run well, they keep people safe and save you money. Inefficiencies are everywhere, but you do your best to limit them. If your maintenance contractor isn’t holding up their end of the deal, you need to know that.

As we go through your contract, we check the stated work against the evidence in front of us. We provide you with a full report of our findings and help you understand each part of the data. If we find discrepancies, you can address them with your service provider. You want to be sure you get the full amount of work specified under your contract.

More importantly, you need to know that you are running safe equipment in your building. Improper or neglected maintenance can lead to injuries and lawsuits. An elevator maintenance audit will help you avoid this situation.

We provide a thorough overview of your equipment, your records, and your service contract. Our report includes a punch list you can give your elevator contractor so that they can correct the issues. After they finish the necessary tasks, BCI can perform a follow-up review to verify that they fixed the areas of concern.

Once we complete our audit, you will have a new-found confidence in your vertical transportation system. And you will know exactly what next steps to take.

BCI takes a unique approach to quality assurance with our Equipment Maintenance Audit services. We stand by our work so that you can feel confident in your elevator system’s safety.


When you need the best in the business, you can rely on Barbre Consulting, Inc. Our reputation speaks for itself, and we are proud of our body of work. Throughout Houston and around the country, BCI has the elevator consulting team you can trust.
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