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Do you feel like your elevator maintenance contract no longer serves you? When it comes time to consider a new one, are you prepared to negotiate? Establishing and renewing service contracts can feel overwhelming for many property owners.

But there are plenty of steps you can take to prepare. You can get an assessment of your vertical transportation system and have a thorough maintenance audit. And possibly most crucial, you can have an expert on your side when it comes time for a new contract negotiation.
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Protect Yourself in Your Elevator Maintenance Agreement

Standard service contracts typically provide a lot of protection for the maintenance contractor and very little for you. Barbre Consulting, Inc. seeks to change that dynamic.

Legal documents and agreements can be long and complicated. They contain a lot of language that muddies the water and makes you feel uncertain. They also have ambiguous phrases that leave you in the dark. Generally, these grey areas benefit the contractor, not you.

Fortunately, there is a better way. Let Barbre Consulting, Inc. compose an elevator maintenance contract that works for you. This offering is one of our most valuable services, and it gives you the protection and service you deserve.

Our maintenance contract work always serves your best interests, starting with your finances. Elevator maintenance typically makes up a significant portion of your building’s operating costs. And unless you happen to be an elevator expert, you may feel that you are at the service provider’s mercy.

So how do you know if you are getting a square deal? You hire those of us who do happen to be elevator experts.

Contract Cost Variables

The cost of maintenance varies based on several factors. Generally, when forming a contract, the contractor will consider all of the following information:
  • Type of Elevator
  • Building Location
  • Height of Building 
  • Presence of Hydraulic System
  • Use of Traction System
  • Other Factors – historic, high-security, etc.
Luckily, you don’t have to be an expert in any of this. We help you determine how much you should expect to pay for maintenance. Then we work up the contract to maximize your budget.

Elevator Maintenance vs. Repairs

It is crucial to understand the distinction between maintenance and repairs. They are not the same thing, and your contract will differentiate these needs.

We help you navigate the cost of routine maintenance while still accounting for inevitable repairs or even replacement.

Our BCI audits and assessments give you excellent data as we work on getting you a fair and equitable service contract. We use our expertise and experience to draft a sensible maintenance plan. Our contract service provides you with customized language specific to the elevators in your building.

Generic contracts from your service provider typically include low performance requirements on their end. This language translates into less maintenance and more repairs. We can help you avoid this costly situation by ensuring that the contract protects your interests.

Our team also assists you in choosing the type of contract that is the best fit. Not everyone needs a full-service maintenance contract. Sometimes a partial-service contract could make more sense for your building.

There are also more specialized contracts that may fit your situation. These include oil and grease contracts and coverage for glass and other materials.

Even before you get to the contract stage, we help you prepare by guiding you to the right service provider. When we have the opportunity to serve you in the early phase, choosing a contractor is an easy step. And then drafting the contract is truly a piece of cake.

No matter where you are in your contract journey, Barbre Consulting, Inc. can help. We are happy to serve you.


When you need the best in the business, you can rely on Barbre Consulting, Inc. Our reputation speaks for itself, and we are proud of our body of work. Throughout Houston and around the country, BCI has the elevator consulting team you can trust.
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