Property & Elevator Condition Assessment

If your building has more than one story, the vertical transportation system is crucial. It is vital in the day-to-day workings of the building and its tenants. And it is important to your bottom line. Which is why you need to invest in an elevator condition assessment from time to time.

Your vertical transportation machinery is about more than just getting people from one part of the building to another. It is also about being efficient, safe, and compliant with codes and regulations. Well-run elevators and escalators can be the crown jewel of any commercial building.

They give your building a sense of vitality, energy, and importance. These feelings make your property attractive to tenants, visitors, and investors. And when you add all of that up, it can equal a more robust profit for you.

Why Should You Have an Elevator Condition Assessment?

In addition to the practical job it does, your building’s vertical transportation represents a significant investment. This fact means that it is costly to repair, replace, or upgrade the equipment system. 

To plan correctly for necessary repairs or eventual replacement, you need to know your system’s condition. Barbre Consultants, Inc. has the experts to deliver this assessment. Our work identifies problems early, saving you time and money.

Our elevator condition assessment gives you a comprehensive picture of your vertical transportation system. We perform a thorough review of the machinery and prepare a report with our findings.

We explain the terminology and help you work with your elevator contractor to address any immediate issues. As part of the assessment process, we also look at what you should expect to replace or upgrade in the coming years. We offer an accurate picture of your system’s lifespan based on current conditions.

Your personalized condition report provides the following information:
  • All-inclusive list and description of the system equipment
  • Equipment performance evaluated against industry standards
  • Complete list of maintenance issues for each elevator
  • An assessment of the overall system’s function
  • Review of certification status
  • An explanation of what to expect over the life of your elevators

We Serve You

Barbre Consulting, Inc. views the assessment process holistically. That is, we take the whole building into account when reviewing the way people move through your space. And we make sure to keep essential things like certification and budget in focus.

Our clients love to work with us because we take the time to learn about the whole building, including its people and culture. This step is especially important when we are working with historic or high-security properties.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for elevator systems. Each structure has its own quirks and unique attributes. For a building as special as yours, trust someone who listens and communicates. Your elevators are one of your biggest investments, and the BCI team understands that fact.

Our elevator condition assessment looks at the overall function. This allows us to judge whether or not the system is giving you all that it could.

If it is not, we can provide the critical next steps to ensure you get the most from your elevators and escalators. A property condition assessment gives you a starting point. It will tell you where you stand today and how to plan for tomorrow and beyond.

Hiring a professional consulting firm like Barbre Consulting, Inc. is an important first step. Our expertise and skills serve you as you protect your investment, boost your profit, and run a magnificent property.

We have spent the better part of two decades providing superior consulting services. This experience has made us one of the leading firms in the area, so let us help you make the most of your elevators and escalators.
Elevator Condition Assessment


When you need the best in the business, you can rely on Barbre Consulting, Inc. Our reputation speaks for itself, and we are proud of our body of work. Throughout Houston and around the country, BCI has the elevator consulting team you can trust.
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