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Barbre Consulting, Inc. (BCI) is celebrating 20 years in business. Elevatoring is our passion, and we want to thank all of our clients for putting your trust in us through the years. Because of you and by the Grace of God, we are looking forward to helping you and many others over the next 20 years!

Moving You in the Right Direction with Our Elevator Consultants

Since 2001, Barbre Consulting, Inc. has been working with clients to provide the most excellent vertical transportation possible through our elevator consultants. Our elevator consulting services are laser-focused on ensuring safety and efficiency. We tackle all types of buildings and challenges while guaranteeing that you get the best results possible.

Your Allies and Advocates

Barbre Consulting, Inc. has decades of experience in the elevator industry that includes inspectors, service mechanics, and sales. We know the vertical transportation sector inside and out, top to bottom. That’s why our vertical transportation and elevator consultants are the nation’s best. 

This range of experience allows our elevator consultants to serve you with confidence and integrity at each step of the process. Our work protects you and your investments. We provide the tools that allow you to manage your building with ease. And we’re happy to educate and assist our clients in their lift system purchases and maintenance.

If you’re ready to take charge of your equipment, your service, and your contracts, Barbre Consulting, Inc. is the team you need. We help you establish and maintain an excellent vertical transportation system that will serve your building’s visitors and tenants while protecting your bottom line.

Barbre Consulting Elevator Consultants

Design and Purchase

Problem – You feel overwhelmed by the options and regulations surrounding your vertical transportation system needs. You aren’t sure how to make the right choice for your building.

BCI Solution – Barbre Consulting, Inc. becomes part of your project management team for new construction, remodels, and modernization projects. We help design a system that meets your expected traffic, budget, and local codes and regulations. Then our team manages the RFP process and offers recommendations for the best company to install and maintain your elevators and escalators.

Service Contracts

Problem – You find yourself in a lopsided service contract that does not provide the level of maintenance and protection you need. Your agreement is full of ambiguous language that gives all the power to the provider.

BCI Solution – Our experienced elevator consultants will help you draft a customized service agreement that serves you and your specific building’s needs. After an assessment of your system’s components, age, and rate of use, we draft a contract that gives you the coverage you deserve. No more gray areas and no more lopsided language. And if you need help choosing a reputable service contractor, we can advise you on that choice, as well.

Annual Inspections and Code Certification

Problem – Certain jurisdictions require that elevators and escalators be inspected every year and within certain timeframes. The law requires that these inspections be witnessed by a third-party.

BCI Solution – BCI’s licensed inspectors not only provide the required witnessing services, BCI coordinates the inspection with you and your service contractor each year, and prepares/files the required paperwork with the city/state. We will reach out to you to remind you of your upcoming annual deadline for inspection — one less thing you have to think about.

In addition to witnessing services, BCI offers a Preventive Maintenance Program. This program combines a maintenance audit with code certification witnessing services. The maintenance audit is offered at a significantly reduced rate if we do it while witnessing your annual inspection. You get peace of mind knowing that your equipment is being maintained properly and is Code-compliant. This is one of our most popular programs and has been proven to save our clients money on elevator maintenance issues.

Ongoing Maintenance
and Repairs

Problem – You are not an elevator expert. So you do not know if your service provider is doing everything their agreement states they will do. You are trusting that your machinery is in good working order, but feel uninformed about the actual status.

BCI Solution – The BCI team offers maintenance audits and performance assessments for your vertical transportation equipment. We verify what work is complete and what remains. Our elevator consultants examine the machinery to assess its condition and lifespan. And then, we provide reports that outline your best next steps. We do not work for service contractors. We work for you.

Our Elevator Consultant's Services

You have the hefty responsibility of managing your building and every system in it. Maintaining and repairing your elevators and escalators likely require a significant amount of your time and money. The elevator consultants at Barbre Consulting, Inc. are here to help you save both of these valuable resources.

Vertical transportation in your building serves just about every person who walks through the doors. Unlike other systems in the building, your vertical transportation setup is highly visible to every tenant and visitor, so it must function perfectly.

When it’s not, have you ever felt stuck operating at the mercy of elevator contractors who don’t follow through on their agreements, or salespeople who overpromise and underdeliver time and again?

You deserve better.

As a building owner or manager, you seek to offer a safe, welcoming, efficient space for people to enjoy. And the BCI elevator consultants can help you do just that with your vertical transportation system. From new construction design to modernizing an existing system or ensuring your equipment is being maintained properly and Code certified, we are on your team.
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